November rules

Wurmlinger Kapelle

Sight from my bike ride today

I don’t want this to be complicated for myself; I guess that one post per day will be hard enough for me. So, I will keep the rules simple:

– Each post should contain at least 100 words.

– While I want to post daily, I will allow a  window for each post (save the last post). That means that I can post a day early or late for each day, as long as the posts are still posted in november.

– There should be a topic for each post. This topic can be broad and can be anything that I want to write about, but I have to tie it together somehow

– Photos can be added without matching the topic 🙂


Not-writing without wanting to

If you ever sat before an empty page or document not knowing what to do, you know what writers block ist. It is the hollow feeling that you aren’t capable, all good ideas have already been written into stories and nobody wants to read your writing anyhow. Writers block is the angst of the blank page, is that blog post from six months ago staring at you. It is that feeling of wanting to write but fearing to write. You probably speak than sixteen thousand words per day – why is it so hard to write them down, you may ask. I have no idea.

So what I am doing here? I am writing a blog post. I will be writing a blog post every day in november. Originally, I intended this to be a blog about knitting and other crafts. But since I haven’t written anything else than a cheesy “Hello World”, I won’t restrict myself to that. This november, I will write a post each day. It may contain knitting, or science or old tea bags. But it will contain something.

I will need to give myself some rules and I think that will be a good topic for my post tomorrow.

Hello World

As anyone who ever learnd a programming language knows, you begin by getting those two words beeing displayed on your screen.

Even if no one reads this blog, posting “hello world” on a personal blog makes more sense than displaying them on your own screen. But likewise, this is just the first post of (hopefully) many more. I hope to learn about me and my creative outlets while blogging about the process and finished projects of my spinning, knitting and weaving.

I’m new here, nevertheless a warm “welcome” to anyone who reads this.